West Virginia Nursing Home May Be Responsible For Resident’s Injuries.

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Ruby Given was a resident at the Webster Nursing and Rehabilitation Center from April 8, 2013 until June 4, 2013. During the two-month period that Ms. Given lived at the facility, she suffered from a diabetic coma and dehydration. The staff allegedly failed to monitor Ms. Given’s blood sugar and failed to give her the proper fluid intake. The coma ultimately led to Ms. Given’s death on June 17, 2013.

Thomas Given, acting as the personal representative for the estate of Ruby Given, filed a lawsuit in the Kanawha County, West Virginia Court. The lawsuit lists Webster Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, doing business as Webster Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, as the defendant. Mr. Given alleges wrongful death.

The suit asserts causes of action for negligence, statutory violations, reckless misconduct, and wrongful death. Mr. Given seeks damages and attorney’s fees.

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