Hidden Camera Reveals Abuse and Neglect in Ohio Nursing Home.

Aging can be a difficult process.  Many people reach a point when they can no longer live independently.  As a result of this, their family members will often provide assistance by paying for professionals to care for their loved ones in the twilight of their lives.  While the purpose of professional assistance for the elderly is to assure that they may continue their daily lives both safely and with dignity, the tragic reality is that it may also result in abuse and neglect.  It is crucial that family members maintain a vigilant eye for signs of abuse when visiting their loved ones.

That is precisely what Steve Piskor did after he feared his mother was being abused in her nursing home.  His mother, 78-year-old Esther Piskor, is a mother of five with twenty-five grandchildren.  Esther was placed into a nursing home after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; she was not able to dress, eat, or walk on her own.  Her family entrusted her care to the skilled nursing care facility of Metro Health in Cleveland, Ohio, a non-profit county operated health care system. 

Steve had feared his mother was being abused due to unexplained marks on her body and because she was less talkative and responsive on his more recent visits than normal.  According to wkyc.com, Steve raised his concerns with Metro Health officials, but he alleges they did nothing about it and just told him he was paranoid.  Metro Health claims they investigated Esther’s nurses, but did not find any signs of abuse. Not satisfied, Steve installed a hidden camera in a fan in his mother’s room.  Upon review of the tape, Steve saw Esther’s nurses throwing her in and out of bed, draping a gown over and face and laughing when she was unable to remove it.  One nurse slapped and hit her in the face. Steve brought the tapes to the local police who have launched an investigation into his mother’s care, as well as the care of the other elderly residents at Metro Health.

Steve had reported his mother’s abuse months before getting the video evidence, and yet nothing was done.  All too often, elderly patients are neglected or abused and health care officials do nothing.  Clearly, the abusers themselves should be held accountable fully for their actions. If you or a family member have been a victim of nursing home abuse, contact our Boston nursing home abuse attorneys at 617-787-3700, 24/7, or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com today. Your consultation is free and confidential.

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