Family Sues Indiana Nursing Home After Resident Catches Fire.

Nursing homes and elder care facilities play a crucial, and sometimes overlooked, role in our society.  Caring for an elderly family member to ensure their comfort and safety is not something every family can do on their own—thus the reliance on professional nursing homes.  As the baby boomer generation continues to age, reports suggest that the need for elder care facilities is going to skyrocket in the years to come. Unfortunately, reports also suggest that abuse in nursing homes has been increasing. Nursing home abuse may be difficult to spot right away.  But if you are concerned with a loved one’s safety, it may be prudent to consult with a Massachusetts nursing home abuse attorney specialist right away.

State investigators and a resident’s family are looking into exactly what happened at Regency Place, a Dyer, Indiana nursing home.  While the exact circumstances still raise many questions, one thing is clear: seventy-two-year-old Rodney Kenney burned to death while he was a resident at Regency Place.  An employee told officials that she was cleaning a table when she turned around and saw Kenney in flames.  He was rushed to the University of Chicago Hospital with burns over sixty-four percent of his body; he tragically died as a result of the fire.

It is still unclear precisely what caused Kenney to combust, but an investigation found a lighter on his person and that he was strapped to his wheelchair, making it nearly impossible for him to get out.  Family member’s claim that Kenney hasn’t smoked for thirty years and would not own a lighter.  Per nursing home guidelines, he allegedly was not supposed to have one on his person regardless.   Kenney’s family is claiming that Regency Place failed to properly supervise Kenney, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, and filed a wrongful death lawsuit.  Although the lawsuit does not seek a specific dollar amount, Kenney’s wife, Kelly, told that the complaint asks that she be fairly compensated for the loss of her husband, who she was married to for more than 30 years.

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